Here you can purchase originals and fine art reproductions of my work.  I offer free shipping on all purchases in the United States.

An experience of art and story, this installation was exhibited on St. Croix, and the exhibit continues here.  Open the book and read the story.

View my portfolio of works in quilted arts and mixed media that have been exhibited on St. Croix and sold to private collections around the world.

Art That Celebrates
the Spirit of the Sea

Inspired by the majesty of the living sea, I explore texture and light in my multi-dimensional art. I employ a combination of fabrics, acrylic paints, beads, sequins, yarns and diverse embellishments to bring depth and magic to each piece. All works, originals and fine-art reproductions, capture the Spirit of the Sea, sometimes whimsical, often mysterious and always expansive. -Jamila Hammad

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