The Dream of Atlantis

There is a good reason why the myth of Atlantis continues to live. I believe that Atlantis speaks to us of a greatness that we had as a people, and that perhaps we could achieve again.

I wrote a short story called “The Dream of Atlantis,” which explores the wonders of this ancient civilization. The story includes mermaids and whales, suns and moons and crystals, and it gave me many wonderful ideas for my art, so I decided to create something different, an experience of story and art, magical and colorful.

In the Spring of 2021, I had the opportunity to exhibit “The Dream of Atlantis” as an art installation at Cafe Christine and Gallery on St. Croix. The physical installation featured the story and the accompanying art pieces, which included art quilts, mixed media panels and hanging fish mobiles.

I printed a book containing the story and art that was part of the exhibit. This is the book in its entirety. You can view the book by clicking on the right arrow to turn the pages:

Read the Book Here: